Automate your digital assets trading on Quantom Cloud

Quantom provides computational environment and data for strategy development, backtesting, and deployment.

Get started

Full suite for algorithmic trading

Formulate a strategy

Get started with our SDK and real-time data service. You can automate your existing strategy or explore new ones with our tools and datasets.

Fine tune the strategy

Backtest with tick level price and volume data, add custom indicators or use our predictive models to explore the strategy and its characteristics under various market conditions.

Deploy it for live trading

Live and paper trading modes are available. Our cloud infrastructure runs 24/7 and we offer SLAs for smooth running.

Cloud based filesystem

Strategy editor is the place to start automating your trading. Start with templates or use our academy to get a head start in importing your existing trading.

On-demand computational environment

Choose from offered CPU and GPU runtimes to test and tune any strategy. We offer free tier for all functions on Quantom Cloud.

24/7 infrastructure

In a non-stop market get a non-stop execution. Our infrastructure is optimized for 24/7 trading all year round.

Community collaboration

(Coming soon)

Share your notebooks

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Cryptocurrencies and markets

Supported markets

  • Bitcoinin 1 pair(s)
  • LitecoinComing soon
  • EthereumComing soon

Supported exchanges

Quantom is not affiliated with any of these trading venues

  • Bittrex
  • Liquid (coming soon)